photo from malone

 As a writer and artist, there are five sacred memories I carry with me everywhere: Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Larson, Harvey Milk, Alexander McQueen, and Matthew Shepard. These five former gentlemen inspire me in ways that I will never understand. Their contributions to my ability to be “out” are uncanny and awesome, worthy of never ending praise and love. For that reason, I write today to thank Matthew Shepard, again. He did not die in vain.

The Matthew Shepard-James C. Bryd hate crime laws were put to use for the first time last Thursday to indict two men for “gay bashing.” We are not alone. There is much  hate in this world, my friends. Stay informed. Find allies. Love your neighbor. Be yourself. ~*

Read the full article at Kentucky men indicted under Matthew Shepard federal hate crime law


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