Special Thanks and Attribution to:
It Gets Better Project™ – http://www.itgetsbetter.org
Hillary Clinton – “Tomorrow Will Be Better” / Adam Lambert – “It Gets Better”
Sarah Silverman – “Message To America, On Gay Suicide” / Kathy Griffin – “A Message from Kathy Griffin”
Alexander Skarsgård – True Blood HBO PSA”
smokeyvw for use of pre-symphonic orchestra 2
Chris Zabriskie for use of his music: “Preludes 21-23”

About itbettergetbetter

This weblog is dedicated to anyone who has ever been bullied or victimized for being a free-thinking individual. The "It Better Get Better" space is a virtual environment originally created as a senior capstone research project by Matthew S. McQueen. The idea is to help the world get better by raising awareness and spreading love as an empowered media outlet and student of English, the Humanities, and Rhetoric.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I believe that the sound clips are far more effective, as they encourage the listener to place themselves in a particular situation, but also evokes a deeper emotion that stays with them. For me, when I view celebrities and political figures on a campaign video, I do not connect with them. They are, in a form, imaginary to me and do not play a part in my daily life other than a song on the radio or a speech on television. “How do they know what I am going through?” is the emotion I feel. Without the visual, it makes the conversation more real and I feel a part of it. The emotion I feel by images the bring up a sad emotion can be easily avoided by changing a channel or pressing the stop button, but words create a better visual, as the listener is the creator of what vision they see from the words they hear.

    I believe this is a fantastic project and can not wait to see the results of your findings. And yes, it Better get Better.

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