This is a project we did in my senior seminar in undergrad. We had to respond to a song, and this is what came out of it:

This song expresses the power of language and music. For me, it represents my daily struggle to fight personal bitterness over bigotry and hatred. Every morning, I must be a warrior in my own existence. I must achieve victory over my emotions. I refuse to pity myself for being gay in a disapproving world, but it takes practice. I must persevere against my extremely emotional inner self that is rightfully angry. Courage and bravery are the tools I use to bolster this perseverance. The byproduct of this process is individuality.

I agree with Lady Gaga on this one: true beauty is achieved through individuality. To dare to be oneself in a world so concerned with labels and conformity is the bravest and most beautiful act my mind can conceive. To me, humanity can find true beauty through uniqueness. I am a hedonist and natural rebel, and this is why. Finally, we must take ownership of ourselves and our lives. I live my life with no regrets. Every facet of my journey, including the darker aspects, comes together to make me who I am. No day but today…


About itbettergetbetter

This weblog is dedicated to anyone who has ever been bullied or victimized for being a free-thinking individual. The "It Better Get Better" space is a virtual environment originally created as a senior capstone research project by Matthew S. McQueen. The idea is to help the world get better by raising awareness and spreading love as an empowered media outlet and student of English, the Humanities, and Rhetoric.

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