Placing my Gaga obsession aside for a moment, as if that’s even humanly possible, I am so inspired by this act of sharing. Known for bedazzled costumes and grand entrances, Lady Gaga is strong and confident enough that she can show the world the face behind the giant flowers, spaceship parts, and otherwise fabulous headpieces worn by the queen of “hooker pop.” Never has there been a more unique individual. Here’s to Lady Gaga, activist and LGBTQ ally. We love you, girl! ::end transmission::

Read the article: Lady Gaga tweets bare-faced photo – Hindustan Times.


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This weblog is dedicated to anyone who has ever been bullied or victimized for being a free-thinking individual. The "It Better Get Better" space is a virtual environment originally created as a senior capstone research project by Matthew S. McQueen. The idea is to help the world get better by raising awareness and spreading love as an empowered media outlet and student of English, the Humanities, and Rhetoric.

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